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 the brainchild of Khairul Anuar Senin of UMCares, the Kelab Sahabat UM Network give school around UM main campus access to university expertise and facilities. Though UM student mentorship, expert workshop, field trips camps and myriad other activities, school gain the experiences and opportunities not otherwise available to them. The goal of the network is to give school students a more holistic education, enhance thier personal and academic development, as well as to insipire them to stay in school and hopefully apply to UM as university students.
The network has a special focus on school from more difficult areas the need more support to motivate students to stay in school. These special population are offered programmes where learning is taken outdoors and multi-sensory natural areas are developed for them to maximize experiental learning beyond the class room. Collabiration with internal and external partners allow schools to enjoy financial literacy and laguage courses, robotics and experiential science programmes as well as myriad national competitions.
1) To produce students who excel in all areas by providing training for them.
2) Establish a long-term activities in each school.
3) Establishing a good relationship between the school and the University of Malaya.
4) Bringing up the students in the University of Malaya.
1) Students from the school were trained since their first year in school to become excellent.
2) Establishing a close relationship between school students to the University of Malaya and attracting them to pursue their studies at the University of Malaya.
3) To produce students who can become peer mentors to school companions University.
4) To produce students who have leadership qualities.
5) Provide training and teaching new ways to teachers by UM faculty.
6) Provide opportunities for school students to use the facilities available in the UM-below, provided no other book.
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