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Flooding in UM

sungai um

This post explains the recent spate of flooding in UM by Professor Dr. Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) 

Why the continuous flooding?
a) Technically, all 'waterways' in UM are handled by DBKL. They build and maintain these large drainages (water reticulation/network system) and the fences bordering them.

b) We also have two small rivers flowing through UM. The large water retention (kolam takungan Sungai Anak Air Batu) built by DBKL near Palapes was meant for flood mitigation.

c) The estimated volume of water that can be handled by our water network is about 2520 cubic feet per second (ft3/second) or 71 cubic meters per second (m3/second). The recent spate of heavy rain resulted in about 4190 cfs atau 119 cms of water into UM - approaching twice the volume that we can actually handle.

d) Finally, all water flow from UM will be channelled into Sg Klang. If Sg. Klang overflows - which was the case during recent incidents - then flooding will occur where water 'collisions' are in UM (please refer map). Sg Klang is not within our authority. In addition, the water retention near Palapes also overflowed, destroying the surrounding fencing. However, due to its location, traffic was not disrupted. 

Also, I would like to inform that JPPHB staff were sent to these water collision sites every time there are signs of a heavy downpour about to take place - to check if there are blockages to these drains. We detected no blockages in all locations.

So what is the plan?
We have met with DBKL twice in the past month, and we have submitted a comprehensive report regarding the flood situation in UM.
We have also proposed a few mitigation approaches. DBKL is preparing their 2014 maintenance budget and the plan is for us to be on their priority list.
Re-chaneling and widening some of the water collision spots is another option that we have already began working on.

We have also erected signages indicating flood prone areas. 
An early flooding warning system will also be invested in.

In the meantime, on behalf of the University, I thank you for your patience and understanding.


Where there is heavy rain, there will be leaks. 
We are in the process of compiling all the relevant statistics pertaining to each Faculty/Hall of Residence (see the example below). We wish to develop a clearer picture in order to perform preventive maintenance - including anticipating leak prone buildings based on their age (the very old ones and the very new ones). I will share the outcome of this exercise with the campus once it is ready. 

Professor Dr. Faisal Rafiq Mahamd Adikan 
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development)

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