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UMCares - The Community & Sustainability Centre


UMCares - The Community & Sustainability Centre was ratified in April 2014 as a result of a merger between the community unit of the former Community and Industry Liaison Centre (CItRa) and the UMCARES Environmental Secreteriat. The centre signifies UM's commitment to community engagement and engagement for sustainability and is manned by a passionate, eclectic team of staff who are driven by the need to do what they can to help others. Capstone projects often evolve from personal interests, fuelled by centre support and enthusiastic collaborations with other units, centres and faculties in UM.

UMCares does not do its work alone, but taps the expertise and voluntary interests of many others within UM. Together the UM community feeds off an adrenaline high of giving back to ensure that we remain well-grounded, empathetic and active citizens. Led by a succession of visionary directors, UMCares also works extensively with a comprehensive network of NGOs, private organisations and businesses who have community interests and sustainability at heart. It is this heart and compassion that keeps the centre going.

This website highlights just a small sample of the countless (often undocumented) work by many UM staff, students and researchers. This work trundles along quietly in the background as individuals strive to help others with minimal publicity and fanfare. It is this sincerity and quiet determination that shines through UM community engagement and sustainability endeavours, and it is these efforts that UMCares works to support.



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